What about some falling snow in SharePoint, with Java script based Snow effect and a piece of plain old DHTML?
This example, Let It Snow, is based on one of the thousands of plugins for Word Press Org, many of them is also great to use in SharePoint.

Now, go ahead and make the snow falls in SharePoint!

  1. First, turn on the theme called Obsidian for the right darker feeling. Go to Site Actions > Site Settings > Modify All Site Settings and click at Site Theme. Choose Obsidian and hit Apply.
  2. Download Snow.JS and the Snow Images. Extract the Image folder and upload the JS file and the Image folder to your SharePoint with SharePoint Designer. Create a folder called Scripts and one below called Plugins and there create a folder with name Snow. Just put what you have downloaded into this folder like the image below.

  3. If you want the snow at all pages in SharePoint, take a copy of Default.Master, rename it to for example DefaultSnow.Master. Open this page and make a reference to the JS file,  just put it above the </head> section ends .
    <script src="/Style Library/Scripts/Plugins/Snow/snow.js?ver=2" type="text/javascript"></script>
  4. Save the page and hit Yes when the dialogue Save your changes comes up.
  5. Change Master Page for your site collection, go to Site Actions > Site Settings > Modify All Site Settings and click at Master Page. Choose the new master page in both drop downs, and mark Reset for them both. Click OK.


If you only want this snow at the start page or some other page as an alternative to make a reference in the master page, you can just use a Content editor web part with this following code:
<script src="/Style Library/Scripts/Plugins/Snow/snow.js?ver=2"></script>
Name this web part , set the chrome Type none and mark it as hidden.