This book is for the web developer or designers that works and are quite familiar with branding in general and knows relevant techniques like CSS, HTML and JS and wants to know more about SharePoint 2010 branding; like approaches and best practices. You will find clear examples and advices to typical branding scenarios and it includes the code you’ll need related to the examples.

Hot spots from the book:

  • How to set up a visual studio solution structure for branding
  • Using module and provisioning techniques
  • Branding publishing sites v/s collaboration sites
  • Feature stapling for My site
  • Customizing search center
  • Branding list views
  • Client side interaction with web services
  • Third party UI components integration
  • A lot of code with step to step instructions

SharePoint 2010 Branding in Practice is probably not your first choice if you’re more into the visual graphic design part of web designing, it’s aimed to the front end web developer or the web designer that implement mockups in SharePoint. If you want to learn development techniques and effective approaches when it comes to packing and deploying files and code applied to SharePoint Branding, this is definitive a straight forward book for you.

I like this book and can highly recommend it; if you want to break in more to SharePoint branding and need structured examples and best practices you will find a lot of great stuff that takes you to the next level in the air of SharePoint designing. Thanks for writing this book!

For source code or more information about the author, Yaroslav Pentsarskyy:

Happy branding!