Ok readers, so it was time to sum up the past year and take a look into what to expect in this new year. This year will be a kind of change in my career, from February 1. The big news is that I will start up my own company, ‘eVolution Interactive Sthlm’ after working as a SharePoint consultant at two different consulting companies since 2006, Humandata and CGI. Of course it is just incredibly exciting and I will then hopefully be able to take me a little more time to work on community around SharePoint, anyway, I will not slowing down any way when it comes to writing blog posts, other articles and speaking at conferences, etc.

At the moment, I have not yet fixed any public website with a description of what services I can help with, contact information, etc., for those who are interested in hiring me, but as soon as I have it in place, I will publish a link on this blog!

Plans for the future

Well the details will change constantly and nobody knows the future, but I will do my best and work as hard as I can to get my business to go around. Right now I’m looking for an office space, need to find an inspiring place somewhere in central Stockholm, I have a few options I’m considering at the moment so we’ll see what happens here.

I will as before continue doing what I love most about, consulting and educate. I will publish some apps, continue to write blog posts and speak at SharePoint conferences both in Sweden and internationally.


A fun year at full speed, two major challenging projects on SharePoint 2013 in which I participated as a front-end developer and web designer. Besides all this, I have also taken the certification ‘70-480 Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3’ this summer, which actually was quite a challenging one I must say. Yes that’s right, I also work as a teacher at LabCenter in Stockholm and at EC. I do educate in the area of SharePoint branding, apps and client code scripting etc. The education part of my job is exciting and will definitely have to continue this year as well. I’m also members of the management team for EC.

Besides all this, I have traveled a lot and talked at a few different SharePoint Conferences around like Miami and Las Vegas SharePoint Conference 2014, Dubai SP Saturday, Slovenia SharePoint Days 2014, Stockholm, SEF2014 and the yearly MVP Summit in Seattle. Every one of this conferences and experience in itself really deserves its own blog post. I have met and had exchanges of so many people, meet old friends and got new ones, people from different cultures and from different backgrounds, that part is perhaps what has given most in itself.

Some pictures from a few of the events the past year