Once an MVP, always part of the MVP community! MVP Reconnect is a new community for MVPs! This program is the official way for former MVPs  to stay in touch with Microsoft and other community leaders.


I have had the honor of being SharePoint Server MVP awarded for 4 years in a row, 2011-2014 and after that I’ve started up my own company called eVolution Interactive Sthlm
and has had a strong focus on my business and my customer, but now It’s time to get back into the swing of things again. I can see a bright future for business around Office 365, Azure with its services and not least SharePoint, as I work mostly with.

Can wait to start blogging more frequently, speaking at conferences around the world and support people where I can – not least because this opportunity gives me great inspiration to continue working for the fantastic community around SharePoint!

To start with my next plan is to write a new series centred around using REST CRUD operations, for example if you need to inject JS/CSS files into SharePoint host web from a add-in or how you can use REST in your add-ins to easly work with no SQL databases. Let’s see what comes up in the series. Got some useful stuff to share from my past projects out there.

Love to you all and thank you Microsoft for all support and the possibilities with private networking channels, regional event invitations and other engagement opportunities that comes with being a part of the great MVP community!