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Current Weather APP

Hi there!
If you have issues or any kind of qestion about my SharePoint APP published on SharePoint Store, please add a comment and I’ll come back to you. Thanks!



25 thoughts on “Current Weather APP

  1. Hi,

    For some reason when I click on the “Trust it” button when trying to install your app it goes to a page that says “Sorry, something went wrong”…

    I have tried other apps and I am not getting this same issue. is there a way that we can get this working?

    Kind Regards,


  2. Hello! I’ve tested this app in a number of different Environments, SPO and onprem but I have not seen that issue so can you please try again and provide more information about what happening and what browser version, OS, SP version / services, local settings etc. If you can do this it would be great and I can try to help you with this. Thanks Daniel!

  3. AM trying to add this app to our SharePoint online site. I can add it and configure it. I even signed up on that site and got an API code but when I apply my configuration, all I get is a blank space under the app name.

    1. Never mind. After refreshing my browser several times, I went to lunch and when I came back, the app was operational.

  4. Great, tnx for your information. Hope you’ll enjoy the app, and please come back with comments if there is anything that needed to be fixed in next version or if you have any kind of functional ideas etc

    1. I am currently having this issue but it is not resolving itself and has been occurring for several weeks. I am using SharePoint 365, IE11, Windows8. Please help!

  5. Hi Christian, I just added the app on my SharePoint Online (2013) site page and can not configure it. Is the app compatible with SharePoint Online?

  6. Hey Joe, it should work for both SharePoint Online and SharePoint On prem (2013). Can you please in detail describe what’s going on? Like browser version and step by step how you implement it. Do you see any result at all or a error message? I’ll look into this soon as I can. Thanks for your reply Joe!

  7. Oh, I see now. The app uses a free IP service (for the function that detects ‘autoposition’). This site with its service is down at the moment If the service is not up and running to the weekend I may have to create a new version of this app and take a way the autoposition that I dont Think is that useful anyway for the app. I will look into this at in a couple of days then.

  8. I was able to add the app to my site, In site contents, I trusted the app. I then added an app part in to my site page. I the go to edit the properties of the app part and see Appearance, Layout & Advanced. There are no fields to configure the app part anywhere.

  9. Hi again, I have upgraded the app to and inserted it onto my page but still have no way of configuring the app. There are no fields to insert the API Key or to add a location or change from C to F. Is it not possible to edit from a web browser?

  10. Hi Joe! Thank for getting back to this. Yes you should be able to change some values from the APPs settings (web part settings) like C or F, a manual long and lat value and a few other stuff. I really would like to understand why you can’t do that, and if there’s a bug somewhere fix that. I have not seen this issue my self or have heard about any one else that seen this. If you don’t mind, we could continue this per email, plz send me a mail with a detailed Description to me of the issue including screenshouts etc chstahl AT Outlook DOT com

    1. I am having this same exact problem – added the web part in SharePoint Online and do not have any app settings under the edit web part except for Appearance, Layout and Advanced (which does not have anything specific). Exact same problem as described by Joe above.

  11. Hi Chrinstain, its a good app as it looks but unfortunately the app settings are missing the configurations item.
    All we see is Layout and advanced sections, could you please assist?


  12. Hi there, we are trying to add the latest version of this webpart to our SharePoint online site. I can add it and configure it, but when I apply my configuration, all I get is a blank space under the app name without any error messages. We did sign up and configure the API code. Furthermore, we did try refreshing the page several times and we tested it in the latest versions of both IE and Chrome.

  13. Hi Ryan, this is a new issue that belongs to one of the APIs used for the app, I’ll fix this as soon as I can but it may take a while, but please look in to this blog and I’ll notify when this is done. Sorry for that, but this will be fixed.

  14. Hi, finally.. I now have updated the weather app, its just uploaded a new version ( for approval in the Office Store. I guess it will take a couple of days until its approved, and when it’s apporoved I’ll start working on the next release, mostly some UI improvements. If you have any suggestions for any cool functions I could add, please let me know.

  15. I am using your weather app on our SharePoint online environment and like it very much. However I’ve noticed the app store says “The developer will stop supporting this app soon.” and I am unable to install it on any of my sub site landing pages. It shows up in the list but when I click it, I get the message “You can’t add this app here.” A few attempts gave me the pop up window to “Trust It” but when I click it throws an error. Any help is appreciated.

  16. Hi Tony! Unfortunately I had to drop this app from the store, and and mainly because the license model for darksky weather API. In short, If I should continue using that weather service, I could not go on and providing a free weather app for commercial use. If you would like to brring it in as a ‘corporate app’ (not an free app from the store) that would work but that means I have to deploy this my self and send to you, and you have to install this in your app catalog site collection. Well, that means I had to put in a few hour for this. So.. If you really what it, contact me by mail evolutioninteractive AT outlook COM – and I will see what I can do.

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