Hey all readers and subscribers! There have been a lot to keep up with lately so I think it´s time for a sum up a bit about my latest projects.

First of all I’m so proud that the book “Beginning SharePoint 2010 Administration” is finally out now!

It has been a hard work besides my consulting business to co-write this book together with MVP Göran Husman. I wrote two the chapters ‘Customizing SharePoint 2010’ and ‘Using SharePoint Designer 2010 ‘. Writing this book was at the same time great fun and I hope that the book can help you in your SharePoint 2010 projects.

Beginning SharePoint 2010 Administration – Product Description

SharePoint 2010 comprises an abundance of new features, and this book shows you how to take advantage of all SharePoint 2010’s many improvements. Written by a four-time SharePoint MVP, Beginning SharePoint 2010 Administration begins with a comparison of SharePoint 2010 compared to the previous version and then examines the differences between SharePoint Foundation (SPF) and SharePoint Server (SPS).

This book is written for several audiences. One audience is consultants and IT professionals who need to understand how to plan, implement, and configure SharePoint. Another audience is administrators and the support team that must know how to manage SharePoint, both the more advanced administration of service applications and site collections, as well as managing sites and workspaces. A third audience is the reader who wants to understand how SharePoint works and what to expect from it; this is typically IT managers and project leaders.

This book assumes no previous knowledge of SharePoint, but if you do have experience with SharePoint you will learn how SharePoint 2010 differs from previous releases. If you intend to read and try all the exercises in this book, you will need some basic understanding of network applications such as Windows Servers, Microsoft SQL Server, Active Directory, DNS and IIS, as well as experience with Microsoft Office. If you don’t intend to install SharePoint yourself, then it is not necessary to have that network understanding.

You can order the book from Amazon:

Secondly I would just like to thank everyone who attended my presentation at the Swedish launch of SharePoint 2010 & Office 2010 at the theater Rival in Stockholm, Sweden earlier this summer.

In this launch I had the honor of participating as a speaker, along with great guys such as SharePoint MVP Göran Husman from Humandata, Malin Dandenell and Andeas Wennborg from Learningpoint and Måns Baklund from Microsoft Sweden.

As usual, I had too much to show and talk about than the time allowed, but I hope I managed to demonstrate at least some of the most interesting features regarding to the new user interface of SharePoint 2010 and related functionalities which was my subject for this day.

My next speaking engagement will be at SEF 2010 (#SEF2010) in Stockholm Sweden. SEF 2010 is the largest SharePoint and Exchange event in Scandinavia. This great event is arranged by Humandata and Microsoft Sweden and has an awesome Lineup of Speakers like Penny Coventry, Joel Oleson, Tobias Zimmergren, Göran Husman, Wictor Wilén, Eric Shupps and a bunch of more amazing people!

In SEF 2010 I will talk about SharePoint Designer 2010 and focus on stuff around DataViews. The SEF image is from the previous SEF when I talked about SharePoint Designer, jQuery and some Silverlight.

Stay in tuned, Christian