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SharePoint Conference 2009 — October 23, 2009

SharePoint Conference 2009

It is time to summing up the SharePoint Conference 2009 in Las Vegas. There was so much information and so much fun for all us +7000 SharePoint nerds. Me and my travel mate, MVP Göran Husman sometimes get lost in the huge casinos, but once we found our way out there we where in the SharePoint heaven.

SharePoint 2010 is now a broader solution than ever and it has a large number of nice key features like for example BCS, External lists, Enterprise content types, Social features, theme editor for the end users, cross platform support with WCAG standards, Client Object Model, Ribbons & Dialogs, Sandbox solutions, Silverlight, the improved mobile access, support for large lists, document sets and so much more..

Now onto SharePoint Designer 2010, the tool that I basically use in my work as a consultant and trainer. During this week I was attending several sessions about this subject, with great speakers like Asif Rehmani, Dustin Miller and Heather Solomon.
SharePoint Designer has now increased its value and it is the main tool for none-code solutions in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint Designer 2010 – Learn it, live it and love it!
SPD 2010

Some  SPD 2010 hotspots:

• The layout and the look and feel is more like the other Office applications

• CSS remaked

• MasterPages with only DIVs

• No folderbased navigation

• Site Assets, a new resource place for your Jquery plugins e t c

• When you open a site, you will now see the sites backstage, like a dashboard containing all what you need to know before you do anything in SPD

• Work with lists just like we did in browser in the previous version

• SPD 2010 will only work with SP 2010, and has no support for Front Page Server Extesion, WebDAV or FTP

• Significant improved WF designer: Site WFs, export and import options to Info Visio

• Create external content types (ECT) makes it possible to connect to and interact with data from back-end system

• XSLTListViewWebPart, like a powefull combination of the DVWP and LVWP that shows information from lists. It has also visual templates for boxed views

• Improved formula designer

• SPD can now change a lists schema

• Crate lists or librarys in SPD

• Sandbox solutins, create WSPs from SPD

• Mange site permissions

Also inspired?

Putting the SharePoint in SharePoint Designer, MS SPD Teamblog
Take a look at MVP Asif Rehmanis free SPD 2010 videos here


Hello World! — October 21, 2009

Hello World!

This days, there are lot of stuff ongoing right now. I am in this moment in Las Vegas attending the SPC 2009 about SharePoint 2010 and all the tools like SharePoint Designer 2010, InfoPath 2010, Visual Studio 2010 and more, a great time for me to start blogging!

This place will from now be my primary channel for blogging, and i will also do some writing for bamboo solutions and for the community

The ultimate goal of this blog is to spread out what I like to do, and contribute some tips and tricks out there that´s get you inspired. The topics in the blog will be mostly around SharePoint designer, branding and customization.

I am a SharePoint senior consultant and trainer, MSTC and MCT with +10 years experience across different disciplines in web design and web development. I have since 2003 a true and deep passion for SharePoint, I just love it! I am based I Stockholm, Sweden and work at Humandata.

Thank you. Enjoy