Since a couple of years back I have built a number of various Add-Ins for my clients, created addins for the MS Office store and I have written training materials for students in higher vocational education classes with focus on SharePoint development.

Noappsw I would like to share you some tips & tricks I have collected based on my experience, and save you some time learning this stuff with help of a couple of of real examples that you can download and try out.

I will cover various aspects of building Add-Ins using Visual Studio and using the client APIs in SharePoint, here’s a list of the topics I’ll cover up in the comming blog posts in this series:

  • Part 1: Introduction
  • Part 2: A basic overview of the Add-ins concept and how to build your first ‘Hello World’ Add-In
  • Part 3: A quick REST primer including a walk thour of useful tools like Postman + oData Query builder and how to communicate with the host web
  • Part 4: How to create your own App-Part settings
  • Part 5: Provisioning a list with custom content types & columns to the add-in web
  • Part 6: Create a CRUD REST Add-In that communicates with list in the add-in web.
  • Part 7: Misc tips & tricks related to SharePoint hosted Add-ins

As always, stay tuned to the next blog post!